Major Gaurav Chaudhary: Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth

    Major Gaurav Chaudhary, is a notable Indian Armed Force veteran and well-known as adc of the president of India. He is known for his educational and obstinate critique of military and policy-driven issues and has a huge following on different web-based entertainment stages. In this article, we will dig further into what puts Major Gaurav Chaudhary on the map.

    Major Gaurav Family

    Major Gaurav is a popular army person, who belongs from Kernal, Haryana, but due to Indian army security policy, his family-related information is kept hidden. Major Gaurav Chaudhary wife, related information is also kept hidden.

    Military Career

    Major Gaurav served in the Indian Armed Force for more than 10 years, where he was a piece of the world-class Parachute Regiment. He was a charge official and held a position of significance when he resigned from the military. During his residency, he served in different functional regions, including Jammu and Kashmir, and the Upper East. He additionally filled in as an educator at the Indian Military Foundation, where he prepared future officials.

    Television Anchor

    In the wake of resigning from the military, Major Gaurav Chaudhary sought a lifelong in news coverage and turned into a television anchor. He is as of now connected with Republic television, where he has a show called ‘Nationalist with Major Gaurav Arya’. The show centers around military and policy-driven issues, and Major Gaurav Chaudhary gives his perspectives and sentiments on different subjects connected with public safety and guard.

    Social Media Personality

    Aside from his television mooring vocation, Major Gaurav Chaudhary is likewise a well-known online entertainment character. He has an enormous following on different web-based entertainment stages, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He utilizes his virtual entertainment records to impart his insights on military and policy-centered issues, and furthermore to collaborate with his supporters.

    Opinionated Commentary

    One of the key factors that put Major Gaurav Chaudhary on the map is his stubborn discourse on military and policy-centered issues. He is known for his areas of strength for him and his capacity to actually explain them. He is likewise known for his straightforward methodology and his readiness to stand firm on disputable issues.


    Another element that puts Major Gaurav Chaudhary on the map is his nationalism. He is a resolute patriot and has forever been vocal about his adoration for the country. He has frequently spoken about the penances made by the military and has supported for a more grounded public safeguard. He has likewise been incredulous of the people who he accepts are neutralizing the nation’s advantages.

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