Kavya Pichai lifestyle, Popularity : Biography of Sundar Pichai’s little daughter!

    Introduction :

    Hello people! Talking about Kavya Puchai today. So everyone out of us uses Google over here. And the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) is Sundar Pichai of Google. She was born and brought up in the Los Altos Hills, California, USA. So the little daughter of Sundar Pichai is named Kavya Pichai.  

    She possesses the nationality of American origin, but again she possesses the ethnicity of an Indian-based entity. Kavya Pichai took her first breath on Earth in February, in the particular year of 2010. She is currently 12 years of age. Her mother is Anjali Pichai. 

    Lifestyle Kavya Pichai

    The net worth of her father Sundar Pichai is $1.3 Billion. With this net worth, he is probably capable of affording a lavish and comfortable lifestyle with few cars and houses online processing. Her hobbies include dancing, listening to music, and traveling. She also has a sibling namely Kieran Pichai, who is again younger than her. 

    The popularity of Kavya Pichai

    Kavya Pichai’s father Sundar Pichai, exists as in the assuming portion. He is among the worldwide renowned commerce attained undertaking administrative. He prevailed in his primary studies and origin from India, and later on, after its completion, he landed on to the American base for employment and professional outlook. 

    Presently, he is the head office of the government undertaking of Google. 

    Also, Kavya Pichai’s mother, Annali Pichai professionally exists and contains and sets herself in the profession of a Chemical Engineer. She added on to the completion of her degree of graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Currently, she is the functional owner of administrative undertaking functional management intuit, as an employer on the programming system of a particular software. 


    Throughout this whole article, we came to know all about the lifestyle and why is Kavya Pichai actually popular or gained so much fame and popularity at such an early age. She is currently a small kid pursuing her own academics and is well-focused on that. Also, she is too juvenile, junior and too young to earn. Kavya is currently 11 years of age as of now. Also she is till now away from any sort of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, just as because she is way too small and is still a kid to appear and be active on any sort of social media platform. 

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