Interview Samsung Fastcompany Vp Jaeyeon Jung

    Samsung Electronics powered Galaxy SmartTag has been already launched in the market with the exclusive features of easy tracking and key finding. Being called a high competitor of upcoming Apple “Air Tags”. SmartTag is a Bluetooth LE-based tracking device launched by Samsung on 14 January 2021. Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics, Jaeyeon Jung recently gave an interview, briefing about their new product, Galaxy SmartTag . 

    Galaxy SmartTag and how it works.

    Galaxy SmartTag is a key finding and tracking device that comes up with the feature of location tracking of the object in which the device is placed such as bags, purses, etc. The device is featured with Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity and uses the SmartThings Find Feature, launched by Samsung in 2020. SmartThings Find feature comes up with the application of finding any misplaced object or device by producing a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to communicate with other nearby devices powered by Samsung. Though the feature works only when the misplaced device is disconnected for more than thirty minutes. This SmartThings Find is quite similar to Apple’s “Find my Device”.

    Once the receiver got the alert, it notifies Samsung about the location which then communicates with the owner of the misplaced device. The next one in the series is Galaxy SmartTag Plus, which has not been released till now and is acquired with Ultra-Wide-band Technology. The difference between the two is that the SmartTag plus is acquired with the technology of Augmented Reality for alerting devices without noise, which would be safer in some kinds. SmartTag is also linked with the automation device, the SmartThings button.

     Not only limited to finding the location of misplaced objects but it can also be used to power the smart home automation with a click. VC Jaeyeon Jung also gave a glimpse at the vacuum cleaner robot, launched by Samsung recently, which can also keep an eye on the pets in the house along with the cleaning. She also said that they want to design multiuse products, “that can help in more than one way”. Coming to the difference between Galaxy SmartTag and Apple’s Air Tags, according to Jung, SmartTag has a chance to be applicable in the business world as well, as numerous companies are looking for SmartTag for usage in their businesses, currently, SmartTags are not being used for that purpose. 

    About Samsung Electronics

    Samsung Electronics is a subsidiary company of the South Korean Multinational company, Samsung, founded in 1969, formerly known as “ Samsung Electric Industries”. Mobile Phones, LCD and OLED Panels, and Laptops are some of the products of Samsung Electronics. Kim Ki Nam, Kim Hyun Suk, and Koh-Dong Jin are the co-Chief Executive Officers of Samsung Electronics. 


    Samsung Electronics bought SmartThings, a famous automation start-up in August 2014. Jaeyeon Jung said in the interview that the company’s mission with the company that it acquired years ago is still the same as it was earlier. Earlier from just a “hub and bunch of sensors in your home “, it came across a long way, said Jung. The primary reason behind the popularity of SmartThings according to Jaeyeon Jung is that it is an open platform and not restricted to a particular application at all. And she said that they are focused on making a unique experience of Samsung’s numerous products and this way, they are not willing to make the SmartThings platform limited. 

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand has risen to a great extent for things such as Tv, etc. Due to the additional benefit of the Open Platform for the SmartThings, multiple automotive companies have raised their interest in the same for the “ voice assistant” for devices, according to Jung. She also commented on Bixby, the voice assistant powered by Samsung, which said that it is also significant along with SmartThings in Samsung for the feature of voice assistance and is an essential part of Samsung devices as well.   

    German Luxury carmaker, Daimler AG has also collaborated with SmartThings for their new car, “The Mercedes -Benz S “ for multiple smart automation things such as door locking, voice assistant, smart lighting, and many more.

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